Self Care and Full Care Boarding with a hometown spirit
                                Greer, South Carolina

Southern Star Stables

Self Care and Full Care Horse Boarding with a hometown spirit


HOLIDAY SPECIAL with a 6 month signed boarding agreement.

Pasture Board Prices:

1. Self Care - $175 NOW $100 per horse...You furnish feed, hay.

2. Full Care - $275 NOW $200 per horse...We furnish hay.

Stall Board Prices:

1. Self Care - $250 NOW $175 You furnish feed, hay, you clean stall.               

2.Full Care - $450 NOW $375 We furnish feed, hay, shavings and                                        clean stall.


Every barn has rules and rules are to be followed.  They are there for a reason and has a purpose so if you go a barn please adhere to their rules.  

If you do not, do not get upset if after 2 warnings you are asked to leave.  It is for your safety and the other boarders and their horses safety.